Whilst I don’t want to continue putting on weight, I also don’t want to be dubbed a ‘health nut’ either. So my website won’t just be about losing weight. It will consist of a combination of goodies from recipes, reviews, top 10s, challenges, illnesses, restaurants, guides, cooking skills, competitions, food science, health & nutrition, exercise, famous chefs, veganism, fishing, hints & tips, charities. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest!

But there’s a problem: I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

There is no cure, there is little research, it can strike at any time, and it often means weeks to months at a time off work. No good for an aspiring chef. And it breaks my heart that until I figure this all out, being a full time chef is never going to be an option for me. Being too tired to do the thing you love seriously sucks, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. I had to pull out of my chef apprenticeship because of it, I’ve had to defer my cookery course because of it, I’ve had to miss job interviews because of it.

However, there is a silver lining hidden behind this particular void in my everlasting search for a diarrhoea-free life. I can still write about what I love. I can still pass on what I know. I can still enjoy a life full of flavour. By writing this blog (and hopefully making you smile) that is exactly what I plan to do.