I thought long and hard about the name. ‘My Chopping Board’ is an insight into the vast array of food-related topics available for discussion around the globe. I want to show my personal journey while at the same time providing an abundance of universal enlightenment, encouragement and entertainment.

Food is everywhere. It’s all over town in the form of neon sign adverts and restaurants, leaflets in the doctor’s surgery, on the television, at the supermarket, in schools, on the internet. It has saturated our lives because of its pure essentialism.

But it’s more than that.

Food brings people together, food educates people, food radiates culture, food teaches patience, food brightens the soul, food literally saves lives.

And it all starts with simple ingredients and natural flavours. A slice of an onion. A drizzle of oil. A knob of butter. A clove of garlic. A squeeze of lemon.

Food is brought to life on my chopping board.